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Ongoing Project
  1. Applied geophysics for investigation hydrocarbon potential and depositional environment of sediments at onshore prospect of Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia (Funded: World Bank)

  2. Development and optimization of ceramic tile using Cambodian clays incorporating with industrial wastes (Funded: World Bank)

  3. Cambodian natural rubber composites with different type of mineral fillers for shock absorbing application (Funded: World Bank)

  4. Polyethylene (PE) waste recycling for asphalt concrete pavement application (Funded: Ministry of Environment)

  5. Depositional environment and reservoir characterization of oil and gas prospect, nothern Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia (Funded: LBE-JICA)

  6. Distribution of black shale and sandstone formations for hydrocarbon potential in northern Tonle Sap Lake, onshore Cambodia (Funded: LBE-JICA)

  7. Development of geological mapping at Te Teuk Pos hot spring, Kampong Speu province, Cambodia (Funded: LBE-JICA)

  8. Investigation geothermal source and reservoir (Te Teuk Pos hot spring) in Phnom Te village, Sangke Sap commune, oral district, Kampong Speu province, Cambodia (Funded: LBE-JICA)

  9. Hydrothermal alteration, mineralization, fluid inclusion, geochemistry, and geochronology of porphyry Cu-Mo-Au prospect, Ratanakiri province, Cambodia (Funded: LBE-JICA)

  10. Mapping of hydrothermal alteration associated with porphyry Cu-Au and epithermal gold deposits using ASTER and landsat 8, northeast Cambodia (Funded: LBE-JICA)

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