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Exploration Geophysics Staffs

Chandoeun ENG, Ph.D. (អេង ចាន់ឌឿន)
Lecturer of Geophysics

Chandoeun Eng has earned his doctoral degree in Geophysics from Kyushu University, Japan under AUN/SEED-Net program supported by JICA. He also received his master degree in Geological Engineering from Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Indonesia. During his academic journey, Dr. Chandoeun involved many research activities related to seismic attributes analysis, seismic inversion, digital rock physics for hydrocarbon reservoir, coal, fault characterization.



HP: (+855) 71 9900 760


Research gate:



Kakda KRET, Ph.D. (ក្រែត កក្ដដា)
Lecturer of Structural Geology

Dr. Kakda Kret earned his Ph.D.  in Geophysics from Kyushu University, Japan, under AUN/SEED-Net program. He received master degree from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in petroleum geology, Indonesia. Dr. Kakda is a faculty member and researcher at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC). His research activities focus on seismic processing and interpretation, remote sensing, mineral deposits, geological mapping, rock physics, structural geology, reservoir characterization.



HP: (+855) 96 209 1057




Mouy Yi HENG (ហេង មួយយី)
Lecturer of General Geology

Muoy Yi Heng graduated from the University of Sains Malaysia( USM), in the field Geophysics. She involved with research related to Electrical and Magnetic methods on the characteristic of Geothermal.
Research interest: Applied Geophysics. 



HP: (+855) 85 818 336



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