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Geology Staffs

Sreymean SIO (សៀវ ស្រីមាន)
Lecturer of Mineral Resources

Mrs. Sreymean Sio received her master degree in Geological Engineering from Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia. She is teaching some subjects related to Geology and Mineral Exploration. She used to work with some Mining Companies in Cambodia such as Log Plus Mining PLc. and Angkor Thmor Pich Co., Ltd. With more than 7 years of teaching, she has joint the research activities with other instructor, lead her own research, and she became one master instructor in the project of USAID COMET.


HP: (+855) 77 417 307



Vannada KIM (គឹម​​​ វណ្ណាដា)
Lecturer of Geology

Msc. in Geology, Ecole de Mine de Nancy, France

Research area: Exploitation of Limestone Quarry and Cement Manufacturing


HP: (+855) 11 667 306



Sirisokha SEANG, Ph.D. (ស៊ាង សីរីសុខា)
Lecturer of Economic Geology

Sirisokha Seang has earned her doctoral degree in Economic Geology from Kyushu University, Japan under AUN/SEED-Net program supported by JICA. She also received her master's degree in Geological Engineering from Gadjah Mada University (UGM), Indonesia. During her academic journey, Dr. Sirisokha involved many research activities related to mineral exploration, mineral potential mapping by using geographic information systems, deposit geology, lithogeochemistry, hydrothermal alteration, mineralization, fluid inclusion, and sulfur isotope for porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit.


HP: (+855) 16 308 415


Research gate:


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